Golf Costa Adeje celebrates its 25th anniversary


October 2023 marked 25 years since this exceptional project was launched.

The renowned architect Pepe Gancedo, transformed this former banana plantation into one of the best golf courses in the Canary Islands. Throughout these 25 years, the course has grown to become a benchmark of quality, and one of the favourite destinations for European golfers.

Visitor numbers have been increasing every year, even to exceed pre-pandemic numbers during 2022. One of the main features that have contributed to the consolidation of the brand Golf Costa Adeje, has been the celebration in 2003 of the Open de España, with the participation of important figures in the world of golf, such as Miguel Angel Jiménez, Sergio García, or the great Severiano Ballesteros. A few years later, it was the turn of women’s golf, which was the highlight of the course with the celebration of the European Ladies Open in 2005, 2008 and 2009.

After the pandemic, Golf Costa Adeje, resumed its activity with greater strength and brightness if possible, hosting two important tournaments on the European circuit, such as the Tenerife Open, in April 2021, and in May of the same year, the Canary Island Championship.

In the last two years, the course has been selected by the prestigious World Corporate Golf Challenge to host the world final.

But what makes this course so special? Undoubtedly, the excellent location, the natural environment and the good weather all year round are fundamental aspects, but, the truth is that behind all this, there is the professional work of its human team, as well as an important investment in technology and state-of-the-art agricultural machinery.

Currently, the course is working on the development of new projects and improvements within its facilities, continuing with its line of work, focused on quality and betting on the future of golf tourism on the island of Tenerife. Special mention should be made of the course’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Among other measures carried out include an efficient irrigation system with purified water, opting since 2004 for a type of paspaulm and bermuda green, the main characteristic of which is that it survives with lower water consumption than other varieties. The installation of solar panels, the use of all the machinery with hybrid energy, as well as a policy to reduce the use of plastics in our facilities as much as possible.



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